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Facebook Launches Instagram Threads, Its Latest Attempt to Clone Snapchat

Facebook has announced the launch of Threads, a new messaging app for Instagram users. Threads is a camera-focused app that allows Instagram users to share their status or quickly send photos and videos to people they’ve added to their list of close friends. The app borrows several elements from Facebook competitor Snapchat. The app will be available for iPhone and Android.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has launched a Snapchat clone or a spinoff Instagram messaging app. In 2012, Facebook launched an app called Poke that mimicked Snapchat, and it did it again in 2014 with an app called Slingshot. Neither app took off. Facebook tried once again in 2017 with Direct, a spinoff Instagram app focused on messaging that the company announced plans in May to shut it down.

Source: Salvador Rodriguez for