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Tech giant Facebook has revealed their intent of actively removing its feature 'Instant Games' out of the chat app Messenger and adding it to the Facebook Gaming tab on the main app.

According to Leo Olebe, Global Director Games Partnership, Facebook, the move will allow game players on Messenger to access the games through threads and chat bots while gameplay itself will app-switch to Facebook. During the migration, the company is planning ways to minimize disruptions to both developers and players, and maintain overall game health.

Players active on Instant Games would be notified and guided with details on platform transitions and timelines. Number of people eligible for the Gaming tab based on Instant Games activity have also been increased.

Facebook introduced Instant Games on Messenger in 2016, aiming to boost user-engagement with the platform and included games like Pac-Man, Words With Friends Frenzy amongst other games. Over the course of 4 years, this has been a tremendous achievement for the social media giant.

The company is developing new application process that the game developers would have to submit before launching their games on the platform. The company is also re-opening reviews for new games on the platform in the coming days. In addition, the social media giant is investing in new architectures and policies to better support developer success, improve game discovery, game quality and platform integrity.