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Gadgets & Security Systems

We all need protection from hostile forces at home, school, work, even on our gadgets. At Des & Dev, we design and deliver security systems that function impeccably and offer you the kind of security you are looking for.

Be it for small scale use or for large, complex installations, we provide the highest-performing security technology and solutions at affordable rates. We employ state-of-the-art gadgets, software management tools and storage equipment to deliver the right product for you, promptly and with excellent customer support. Our services include;


Our perimeter security systems are designed to not only detect intrusion accurately but also eliminate false and nuisance alarms and alerts. We provide you with the latest smart video surveillance systems that you can trust. This solution is available for,

1.       Home Security

2.       School and Campus Surveillance

3.       Office Surveillance and many more.


We have a wide range of IP cameras and Remote Monitoring devices, allowing you to watch over your home and business premises whenever you are away. On-site surveillance solutions are also available at Des & Dev. Whatever your preference, we have functional and effective security gadgets to meet your requirements.

From X-ray scanners and Screening solutions to Vehicle Surveillance Systems and Spy Apps for PC and Mobile, Des & Dev offers top-notch security gadgets and systems designed for optimum performance and assured security for you and yours.