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Facebook Launches Instagram Threads, Its Latest Attempt to Clone Snapchat
Facebook has announced the launch of Threads, a new messaging app for Instagram users.
Now You Can Communicate in 40+ Languages Instantly with This Genius Device
This small but ingenious device is able to instantly recognize and translate over 40 different languages, making intercultural communication completely effortless!
Reading Pays……Literally
Imagine putting in just 2 to 3 hours every day and earning as much as N2,000 at the end of the week. All you need is a laptop, pc or mobile device and access to the internet.
Interesting Programming Facts You MIGHT NOT Have Heard Before

A lot of people find Computer Programming utterly boring or utterly difficult, a field exclusively reserved for boring nerds and anti-social geniuses. On the contrary Computer Programming is very dynamic, intriguing and very exciting. Here are some fun facts about programming that will change your views about it and maybe lead you down a new career path.


The Detrimental Effects of Blue Light from Led Devices on The Eyes

The advent of digital technology has, to a large extent, made life easier. Ponder over the first thing you do in the morning when you get of bed. You may want to catch up with friends and family on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. Then you head straight to your computer at work and spend the majority of the day on it or using one of the many other digital devices that are available today. Our society has gone highly technological and the world over is crazy about it.

E-Commerce: Then and Now
Recent advances in technology have reshaped the retail industry in more ways than one, particularly as it concerns convenience to customers. Shopping can be done at the comfort of your home with a click of a button.
High Paying Jobs You Can Get in Nigeria Without A Degree
Having a degree gives you access a lot of career opportunities. This does not mean that without a degree you can’t get ahead in life. Here is a list of high paying jobs you can get RIGHT HERE IN NIGERIA that DO NOT require a university degree.
Tech giant Facebook has revealed their intent of actively removing its feature 'Instant Games' out of the chat app Messenger and adding it to the Facebook Gaming tab on the main app.
Yes, you heard that right! Sony has developed a new kind of air conditioner (AC) that you can wear with your clothes. This portable AC, called Reon Pocket releases cool air through a small rear panel.
How to pick the right influencers for your marketing campaign
Influencer Marketing is becoming more and more popular in digital advertising. Basically, it involves identifying an individual who possesses a rich media presence and using his/her voice to showcase your products and services to your potential customers.
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