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All the services you need to bring your digital dreams to life!

One of a kind. Simply signup and be available for hire to millions of Nigerians seeking workers in different areas.

One of our goals is to arm as many people as possible with pertinent skills from the world of Information Technology.
Our Social Media Marketing plan is designed to suit your needs. Our strategies are smart and flexible and cut across all major social media platforms.
We all need protection from hostile forces at home, school, work, even on our gadgets. At DES & DEV, we design and deliver security systems that function impeccably and offer you the kind of security you are looking for.
It takes creativity and immense skill to bring your ideas to color through design and at Des & Dev we not only add color, we bring them to life, From basic schematics and graphic presentations to outstanding 3D animations, we possess the tools to provide you with the fastest, professional and most affordable graphic designs and animation services. 
At Des & Dev, we create websites that are visually appealing, functional and user-friendly. With a deep understanding of our clients' needs, collaboration with the client’s personnel and well-planned user experience, our team of designers and developers work together to build a website that places you where you want to be, right in front of your target audience!
We live in an age where we are always on the go. With the invention of smart mobile devices, our businesses and personal lives have become mobile too. We at Des & Dev pride ourselves in the creation of high performing and digitally transformative mobile solutions for all major mobile platforms and mobile devices.
The need for smarter desktop applications is on the increase, both for personal and corporate use. At Des & Dev, we create a wide range of Desktop Applications with rich functionality, increased work speed and user-friendly interface.

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